Monday, June 16, 2014


I must have walked through a portal and ended up five months in the future because there's no way it's been since January since I posted something. It was yesterday. It has to be. I guess that's what happens when...well, life happens. You get so caught up in one or two things that everything else stops existing, even though you made a promise to yourself years ago that you'd find BALANCE.

So even though you want

What you end up with is

It's definitely the rockiest year I've had since I started writing seriously. I've had moments of solid confidence, when I've felt so sure of the path I was taking and what I needed to do to get there, and moments when it felt like it was all falling apart.

Those moments when you look around you and ask, "What am I doing?"

I think that's okay. I think in everything we do in life that's really important to us and that doesn't come easily, we have times when the voices of self-doubt drown everything else out.

And overcoming those voices is no small feat, which is why it's really important to be surrounded by people who support us, whether it's close family and friends, or strangers we meet over the internet who share our interests and aspirations. They're the ones who keep us on track and help us remember how much we love whatever it is we're doing.

I'm at an in-between point right now. Not cynical, but not naively optimistic either. I started this gig about three years ago, and in a lot of ways, I'm still exactly where I was. In some ways, I've regressed. But in so many other ways, I'm light years ahead of the old me. I just have to keep looking forward.

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