Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little Terrors

I love horror movies. Not the gruesome ones where it seems like body parts fly off every scene and fountains of blood gush everywhere, but the supernatural ones. Poltergeists, demons, mysteries of haunted houses or towns. Maybe it's fear of the unknown, or maybe it's something most of us can relate to: being in a quiet house and hearing unusual creaks on the floorboards. A loud crash when something inexplicably falls off the shelf. Shadows that form frightening faces on the wall. That eerie feeling like someone is creeping up behind you.

You know, the usual Friday night home alone.

There are so many horror movies in store for October and the coming months and even 2013, and I've seen a lot of the ones that are already out. I have to say it's been a long time since I've watched one that truly frightened me, but it doesn't stop me from trying out new ones. I do have one indication that I probably most definitely won't be scared.

Ghost/demon children. For example, a woman moves to a new town and discovers there are evil little munchkins running around and terrorizing the grown ups.

Evil little munchkin
Granted, if I were a character in one of these movies and a razor-teethed boy wanted to eat my face off (provided he could break my legs first to reach that high), I'd probably be a tad terrified. But as the viewer sitting comfortably at home or in the theater, I can't exactly work myself into a frenzy of fright when the onscreen child glowers menacingly at the protagonist and mumbles vague remarks intended to foreshadow impending doom.

There's nothing scary about children in real life. I've never found myself walking down a dark alley, spotted a child coming toward me, and thought, "Crap! I hope I didn't forget my pepper spray in my other purse."And if I hear the laughter of a little girl where there clearly isn't any little girl, I'm not likely to think she's there for nefarious reasons.

"Is he--is he still standing behind me? I should offer him milk and cookies."

Nonetheless, I do enjoy such movies, probably for the comical factor of seeing a child make grown men and women crap their pants. Laughter might not be the desired reaction but it's something, right?

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