Sunday, February 26, 2012


Three days until the Inkpop editorial board receives Conduit for review!

Excited? Definitely. Nervous? Very much so, especially given the small window of time I have to finish my first round of editing. And through editing and rereading the book a couple of times, I've come to realize that it's far from perfect. So in a way, I can't wait for feedback from professionals but at the same time, I wonder if things might have been better if I had more time, given that I finished the book only a month ago. Not that I would change this for anything; opportunities like this rarely come twice.

I can't take any credit for it though. As sappy as it sounds, I owe it all to the wonderful people on Wattpad and Inkpop, who have been more supportive than I deserve. I don't think Conduit would have been what it is today, if they hadn't always encouraged me to do my best on every weekly update of the story. It was a very inspirational thing.

I also believe that a huge part of Conduit's success is because of Emy Papasideris, who has become a close friend over the past seven months or so. I think it was around July of 2011 when I was uncertain of Conduit's potential and felt guilty about abandoning my other projects, that she encouraged me to follow my writer's heart and do what I wanted to do. It helped me to set aside my concerns and just focus on writing the story without worrying about other issues. So thank you, Emy, if you're reading this!

I've gotten Conduit down to 137k from 149k, just by eliminating the unnecessary explanations (R.U.E: Resist the urge to explain) and simplifying sentences. I also got through half a chapter of Aspect before realizing I didn't like the way it started. But I love the outline of the beginning, as well as the events planned for the book as a whole.


  1. Thankyou Emy. Without u I would never have read this master piece

    1. Don't thank me. Honestly! This is all Hope : )

  2. I can't believe I JUST read this! Hope, this is all on you! Honestly, CONDUIT is *your* masterpiece. I'm really *really* happy I could help you in any way. But I have to say, you've been just as supportive and encouraging and amazing, if not more so. I know CONDUIT will be in bookstores where it belongs one day soon, and I can't wait till then! You--and your books--deserve it : )